Labour law, social and health insurance, and income tax  regulations are subject to frequent change. They are very complex and can give a serious headache to the employer.  This is where Justfin can come to help with its expertise and skills. We offer a comprehensive range of payroll services: calculating wages and keeping HR documentation in strict observance of relevant secrecy commitments.

Our services comprise:

  • Maintenance of all HR documentation of the client’s personnel (personal files),
  • Preparing and filing all required submissions and legal documents reflecting current employment figures (ZUS, ZUA, ZWUA, PIP forms),
  • Maintaining holiday and days-off registers and adjusting the relevant payments, including special leaves, holidays, sick leaves, child care leaves, etc.
  • Preparing, monitoring and archiving employment contracts, their annexes, certificates of employment, and other required documents,
  • Monitoring and organization of occupational safety training schemes,
  • Verifying validity of medical certificates and referring employees to occupational health professionals,
  • Representing or assisting the client during governmental agencies inspections (Social Insurance Institution, State Labour Inspectorate, Tax Office),
  • Calculating base salary and bonuses pursuant to the relevant employment contract and terms of labour and remuneration,
  • Preparing the payroll and sending it to the relevant department of the client company,
  • Calculating and collecting legally required helath and social insurance premiums,
  • Preparing and sending monthly returns (DRA, RCX, RSA, RZA) to the Social Insurance Institution,
  • Calculating and collecting income tax advances, and preparing tax returns for the client (PIT-4R, PIT-8AR),
  • Preparing pay-slips containing detailed information about monthly and annual wages and deductions (ZUS, RMUA, IFT-1) and income tax (PIT-11, PIT-40),
  • Issuing employment and salary certificates
  • Administration of personnel, Social Insurance Institution and tax payments by electronic bank transfer.