Welcome to JUSFIN financial and accounting office  

We were established in 1993, initially providing financial and accounting services. Frequent changes of fiscal regulations and growing awareness of the importance of accounting among our clients led us to broadening our scope of business.

From the very beginning, we have been catering for the needs of companies from all lines of business, with different capital and organization structures, both Polish and with foreign ownership. Our openness to challenges and the trying nature of the fiscal system in Poland motivated us to constantly develop ourselves and to provide top-quality services to the most demanding clients.

A natural consequence of our development and growth of our customer base was our transformation to a limited liability company in 2003. The new organization continues to broaden the range of services, to respond even more professionally to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Currently our team consists of seven highly-skilled professionals whose openness, involvement and expertise translate directly to satisfaction of our clients.

Please feel free to visit our office in Warsaw or see our Facebook profile.